Toddler Camp

Toddler Camp promotes activities at outdoor locations.

This provides the toddlers with an opportunity to explore new places, learn new things in different environments, be exposed to new stimuli, and interact with the world around them. 


  • Sensory play
  • Beach games, sandcastles
  • Imaginative play
  • Nature exploration
  • Splash & play at the pool
  • Playground



Half-day camp

Morning: 8 am – 12 pm
Afternoon: 2pm- 6pm
*Depends on the schedule*


  • They will be with a nanny that will be taking very good care of them.
  • Power snack
  • Full camp with all necessary

In-home Nanny Services

You can have a nanny coming right to your house!
Your kids will be in great hands while you can enjoy a nice time out in Nosara.

Rates (per hour)

  • 1 kid 17$
  • 2 kids 20$
  • 3 kids 24$


Day Camp

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Week camp (6 Days)

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